rsyslog TCP forwarding

In the format shown above, UDP is used for transmitting the message. The destination port is set to the default auf 514. Rsyslog is also capable of using much more secure and reliable TCP sessions for message forwarding. Also, the destination port can be specified. To select TCP, simply add one additional @ in front of the host name (that is, @host is UPD, @@host is TCP). For example:

*.* @@finlandia

To specify the destination port on the remote machine, use a colon followed by the port number after the machine name. The following forwards to port 1514 on finlandia:

*.* @@finlandia:1514

This syntax works both with TCP and UDP based syslog. However, you will probably primarily need it for TCP, as there is no well-accepted port for this transport (it is non-standard). For UDP, you can usually stick with the default auf 514, but might want to modify it for security rea-
sons. If you would like to do that, it's quite easy:

*.* @finlandia:151

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