Problème CVS sous Eclipse (Windows) suite au passage à l’heure d’Été

Informations issues de la FAQ d'Eclipsepedia :

Why do all my files show as outgoing changes?

The CVS plugin uses timestamps of the files on disk to track the modification state of versioned
files. As a result, there are some cases where Windows users may find that as a result of either
(1) an automatic daylight savings change or (2) moving files between file systems, that all the
files show up as outgoing changes. See Bug 5337
( for an explanation of the problem and
workarounds. Thers is a utility action that will reset the timestamps so the files are in-sync with
CVS. Be warned however that this utility resets the timestamps for any file whose timestamp differs
from the sync timestamp by 1 hour. There is a possibility that this could reset a file that is
really dirty. Use at your own risk. To use the action, install the plugin found here :
and them run the CVS Util/Fix Timestamps command available from the context menu of the Resource

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